Family Secrets & the Saint's of our Fathers

1944, France

How many parents long to shield their children from pain and sorrow? How many families have within their history some buried secret, some skeleton who’s bones still rattle within locked closets?

While my family’s secrets are bound to the Countess and the land from which she came; our skeletons are not near so well hidden. In fact it was the greatest one that was for the longest time a cornerstone to our local village legends, and made into both a poem and and a song for children.

Marie LeGarde. Saint? Witch? Summoner of demons or simple village madwoman? She has been called this and more. Charlatan and whore of Satan, I heard these words whispered behind my back as I walked the roads, or yelled to my face while stuck within a circle of school children, who’s faces were stark and contorted with youthful, petty cruelties.

"Wicked mistress Marie LeGarde. Summoning spirits out in the yard…" I know every stanza of that song, it is etched into my heart and mind. I could not, even if I tried, forget such a thing. Collapse )
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(January CDE - Out of Context) for tenebrae_nostro

"Linette, Linette, she isn't listening to - Linette, she is doing it again!"

'Sacre... Hush you!' I am thinking, unable yet to pronounce the words either in my native French or in English, or any other language that I know. I cannot yet speak, I do not want to speak. I simply want be anywhere except for where I am, on my knees bent over this toilet and feeling so sick, so miserable. My hair is hanging down past my face, and desperately I am trying to pull it up and out of the way with my free hand as I brace myself with the other, trying to keep my hair from hanging down into the water and becoming fouled from the contents of my stomach. The contents that I cannot seem to keep in, no matter what I eat or when. I have heard that pregnancy is supposed to be a time of joy and new beginnings. I have yet to experience either, unless you wish to consider this nausea to be the beginning of my Collapse )
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All the paths I chose to learn to become healer, priestess and woman? Also means of course that I left paths unwandered by foot, and avenues un-trespassed by mind. Was it my mother's human blood? My Grandfather's close, protective eye? Or the love and guidance, and the overall protection of the Lady of the Fortunate Isles who saw over both my physical and my spiritual education as I grew? For I was secluded, that I know. Or perhaps protected would be a better word. Kept apart, kept alone and walking the field and meadows and dancing in the forests at night with naught but the birds and leaves, and wild beasts as Collapse )
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This cannot be true. Can it? Non, non. I think not.

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Hotsprings and Memories (2010, Napa Valley 'Verse)

Warm, so warm and soothing, so good. Amarante lolled her head to the side, opening her eyes finally to the sound of a distant owl calling in the forest. No! Wait - what was going on? Startled eyes flickering wide she sat up, splashing the water around her in the shallow hot springs pool where she lay. Her clothes were behind her, bundled up and pillowed behind her head. The cooler air prickled over her skin and she sank back into the pool, fingers drifting over her body as she tried to recall how, or when she'd gotten there. The bottoms of her feet ached, but it was a faint ache, only slightly uncomfortable, really.

Like in a dream, moments began filtering back to her, more a collection of short movies, starting and stopping. Or starting and then fading to gray was more like it. Images of a tunnel, the clearly fixed picture in her mind of a labyrinth and... and an owl? No, no. That wasn't it. Something more? Something she felt that she should be remembering. Something definitely worth Collapse )
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